Cosmic Finish

The colors of the "Cosmic"-series offer an unforgettable finish. Give them a try and be amazed by the stunning results! The unique gloss and shimmer of the "Cosmic- finish colors make them a popular choice for DIY and Customized projects, in bike building or rim finishing.

Each bundle consists of two powder coating components and thus forms a multi-layer system. The Silver Substratum powder serves as the basis for the transparent color glaze. The so-called "cosmic" finish is created by combining both powder coatings. Other light base powder coatings are also conceivable for glazes. In the bundle, both powder components are present in the same quantity ratio. For example, the 2 kg Cherry Bomb consists of 1 kg Silver Substratum powder and 1 kg Red Glaze. The powder coatings must be applied in this order and each baked to achieve the "cosmic" finish.